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Resolving conflict in a more peaceful and collaborative way 

ONE is an online negotiation tool that combines intelligent algorithms with a human touch, to help both parties quickly reach an acceptable outcome. 


 Powered by Smartsettle ONE

Supporting Nations and community members in collaborative negotiations, one dispute at a time.


Your data is protected and you choose who to share your information with. 

Collaboration is rewarded and both parties work together to reach a mutual agreement.



Reach a mutual agreement faster and for less cost than alternative methods.


Negotiate without being vulnerable to power imbalances. 


Access ONE online from anywhere, and negotiate on your own time.


A simple, logical process guided by a mediator / facilitator. 

Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council and Smartsettle began a relationship in 2017, when they recognized a shared vision of resolving conflict in a more peaceful, intelligent and collaborative way. In 2020, Innovative Solutions Canada sponsored the use of Smartsettle technology within the First Nations community in British Columbia.


Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council and Smartsettle are excited to continue offering Smartsettle negotiation support to BC First Nations communities.

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The Oportunity
Try Smartsettle One


Smartsettle negotiation support provides a clear pathway through which to make decisions, in any context. From a simple dispute, to a complex negotiation, Smartsettle technology can support you every step of the way.


Navigate a single issue case on your own simply by signing up. You can add a Mediator at any time within the process.  Practice for free by negotiating against our friendly robot and discover for yourself how collaborative negotiation styles lead to better outcomes.

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